Our Leaders

Grace Community’s leadership consists of the staff and trustee team working together to shape the vision and the direction of the church.



Senior Pastor: Jerris Duncan  facebook twitter

Jerris is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church and provides leadership and guidance for the church as a whole. He is passionate about life-giving relationships and raising the next generation of leaders. Jerris, his wife Lisa, and their two kids have been a part of Grace since 2007 and live in Champaign.


Operations and Groups Pastor: Derrick Ford  facebook

Derrick oversees our Life Groups and takes care of operations at Grace. He and his wife Corey live in Champaign and have one kid.


Next Generation Pastor: Sam Nikolai  facebook

Sam leads our youth and children ministries at Grace. She and her husband Rob live in Champaign and have two kids.


Worship Leader: Greg Kneller  facebook twitter

Greg is the leader of the worship band at Grace. He and his wife Melissa live in Champaign and have three kids.


Tech Leader: Bill Glick  facebook twitter

Bill is the Tech Leader at Grace Community Church. Bill plays a vital role in the creative and technical operations of Grace Community. He is passionate about compassion, truth and excellence.  Bill has been a part of Grace Community Church since 1994. He and his wife EJ live in Champaign and have three adult children.

kelly and liz

Host Team Leaders:
Liz Dietz  facebook
Kelly Fein  facebook twitter

Liz and Kelly are the Host Team Leaders at Grace Community Church.

Trustee Team

Bunny Beyers, Tito CarrilloAdam Fein, Peter Haydel, Becky McNaught, Rob Nikolai, & Jerris Duncan

The Trustee Team is comprised of volunteer leaders who are empowered by the church to oversee the vision, legal, and financial aspects of the church.