About Us

Grace Community exists to share the love and the way of Jesus.

About Grace

Grace Community Church exists as a space for you to explore grace, relationships, and generosity within the Jesus tradition. We want to make a lasting difference in our community and in the world because we believe that whoever finds God, finds life!


We believe in the power of God’s grace and grace among humans. We have been given heaps and heaps of grace. So often, rather than giving grace in heaps, as we have received it, we give grace in small spoonfuls, as if we only have a finite amount. We come together to give thanks for the grace we have been given and to challenge and encourage one another to give grace in the same way.


The 2018 Loneliness Index reported that 46% of Americans report feeling lonely sometimes or always. At Grace Community Church, we value connection and relationships. We provide opportunities for you to engage with others and to know and be known. From our Connect time at 9:30 on Sunday mornings, to book clubs, to football nights, we want you to be connected to other people.


We believe in irrational generosity. Not just with our money, but also with our time, resources, and lives. That generosity overflows out into the greater Champaign-Urbana community.

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