Our Leaders

Grace Community’s leadership consists of the staff and trustee team working together to shape the vision and the direction of the church.



Senior Pastor: Jerris Duncan email facebook twitter

Jerris is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church and provides leadership and guidance for the church as a whole. He is passionate about life-giving relationships and raising the next generation of leaders. Jerris, his wife Lisa, and their two kids have been a part of Grace since 2007 and live in Champaign.


Worship Leader: Greg Kneller email facebook twitter

Greg is the leader of the worship band at Grace. He and his wife Melissa live in Champaign and have three kids.


Tech Leader: Bill Glick email facebook twitter

Bill is the Tech Leader at Grace Community Church. Bill plays a vital role in the creative and technical operations of Grace Community. He is passionate about compassion, truth and excellence.  Bill has been a part of Grace Community Church since 1994. He and his wife EJ live in Champaign and have three adult children.

kelly and liz

Host Team Leader:
Liz Dietz email facebook

Liz is the Host Team Leader at Grace Community Church.

Trustee Team

Bunny Beyers, Tito Carrillo, Peter Haydel, Becky McNaught, Bill Sullivan, & Jerris Duncan

The Trustee Team is comprised of volunteer leaders who are empowered by the church to oversee the vision, legal, and financial aspects of the church.